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Ssp-PCC7002 DnaE-c Intein
Intein Name Ssp-PCC7002 DnaE-c
Prototype Allele Ssp DnaE-c
Extein Name DnaE pol subunit, DNA polymerase III alpha subunit
Intein Class Experimental
Organism Name Synechocystis species, strain PCC 7002
Organism Description Cyanobacterium, taxon: 32049
Domain of Life Eubacteria
Endonuclease Activity
Endo Motif None
Location in Extein None
Insert Site Comments dnaE-a, Beta and tau binding domains
Intein Size (aa) 36
Intein N-terminal FDQMVKFAEY/C
Intein C-terminal AN/CFNKSHSTAY
Accession No. YP_001735617.1 in NCBI/protein,/locus_tag="SYNPCC7002_A2384", A2384 in Cyanobase
Intein aa Sequence >YP_001735617.1 GI:170078979 | Ssp-PCC7002 DnaE-c C-terminal intein fragment (including +1 extein residue)
Block A
Block B
Block C None
Block D None
Block E None
Block H None
Initially Contributed by Gerrit Volkmann
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Independently Found By
Comments The genome of Synechococcus ssp. PCC7002 seems devoid of any other inteins found frequently in cyanobacteria (e.g. in dnaB, gyrB or dnaX genes)(GV).
Date Submitted 04/10/2010

Last database update: 11/05/10

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