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InBase, The Intein Database: Intein Links
InBase can be referred to in publications using the following InBase Reference: Perler, F. B. (2002). InBase, the Intein Database. Nucleic Acids Res. 30, 383-384.

For more information about the endonuclease activity of inteins, see REBASE, or the following homing endonuclease reviews: Mueller 1994 and Belfort 1997 .

For more information about intein motifs, see Pietrokovski at or Pietrokovski 1998 and Perler 1997.

For more information about the intein Hidden Markov Model, see Dalgaard1997.

For more information about intein motifs, insertion sites, evolution and structure see Pietrokovski's Web site at

For an updated compilation of microbial genome sequencing projects, see the TIGR Web Site, the TIGR Comprehensive Microbial Database or the DOE Joint Genome Institute.

For more information about genomes sequenced at the Sanger Center, such as the Mycobacterial genomes, see,

For more information about the Pyrococcus horikoshii OT3 inteins, see the P. horikoshii database at:

For more information about the use of modified inteins for protein purification, see the NEB IMPACT-CN System and IMPACT-TWIN System pages.

Last database update: 11/05/10

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